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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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campaign, he could not explain the apparent bank fraud he seemed to know little bad b in talks with reporters yesterday -- little about in talks with reporters yesterday. the specific rumors now are the charges? >> you're telling me i have no comment. >> information documents filed in federal court today charged brown with one count of bank fraud. the three-pain charging document says that brown provide -- page charging document says that brown provided industrial bank of washington falsified documents that overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars to allow him to obtain a home equity loan to purchase a boat. sources say brown falsely forged his signature and falsely claimed in the application to van outside job that did not quest -- have an outside job that did not exist. d.c. mayor vincent gray issued a statement late today saying he is shocked and disappointed by the news. i serve alongside mr. brown on council and never imagined something like this he said.
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colleagues have these remarks. >> i don't have a comment at this time. i'm just glad our city is still moving forward in the right direction. >> today we met with the chairman and kwame brown said he would have a statement later teed or tomorrow about his intentions. >> i talked to some council members in that meeting. kwame brown told them behind closed doors he's resigning effective close of business today. it was an emotional meeting for some i'm told. council member mary cheh will open a meeting wednesday for the council to vote on the replacement. vincent orange, phil mendelson, both democrat at large members are expected to compete for the job to replace kwame brown. >> can you remember a time where this council has had this many distractions? >> there's never been a time in the city's history we've had this many distractions and it's not over. there's still that major investigation hanging over the city like a wet blanket of the mayor, his administration and their campaign. all these start out as investigations of campaigns and end up in all other areas. so we'll see.
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>> mary cheh serves as interim chairman and then a special election to fill it permanently. >> i think she's chairman pro tem and will just open up meeting for this vote and then the interim chairman will be selected. we spoke with some of the kwame brown's colleagues on the d.c. council about all this. here's council member jim graham followed by tommy wells. >> reporter: are you still chairman? >> i'm distraught. i'm very concerned about the future of this government and the changes that we are facing are profound and i believe, though, optimistically that we have the resources within the council, within this government to pull out of this and to reach a point very rapidly where something positive is going to happen. >> just again i have sad for the district of columbia and very heavy heart, but i know that the most important thing is we assure everyone that our
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city will continue to move forward. >> council member wells added the most important things are the stability and integrity of d.c.'s government and he says the council will be able to maintain them. the big s obstacle to building phase two -- biggest obstacle to building phase two of the silver line to dulles airport is now again. the metropolitan washington airport authority voted to get rid of the labor agreement. this plan still has some hurdles. peggy fox has more on where the silver ends now. >> reporter: it's been a contentious issue for months, but this morning the metropolitan washington airport authority finally decided to remove the pla preference. that's the project labor agreement preference for phase two which would take the dulles rail line from willy avenue to dulles airport into loudoun county. when it was time for the vote, there was still strife. >> all in favor say aye.
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all opposed? snipe want to be recorded as no. i don't have any -- >> i want to be recorded as no. i don't have any which was in in structure. >> reporter: several others reluctantly votedy. one board member said virginia leaders were holding a gun to get rid of the group. it was even said the voluntary phase in phase one was a good thing. >> project labor agreement has played a significant role in keeping us on schedule in phase one and i think it's been instrumental in our stellar safety record. >> reporter: but virginia kept moving the bar. a new law made it illegal to use state money for labor union agreements and governor mcdonnell said virginia would not hand over its $150 million for the project until the pla was gone. >> it's politics, folks. i'm going to entete -- i'm not going to get into the argument whether it's good or bad. everybody has strong feelings on this. >> reporter: board member tom davis says the vote means the project can now move forward with its funding partners, but loudoun county which is
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supposed to contribute more than 200 million is still on the fence. the loudoun board has another month to vote on whether to opt out of the project. it does opt out, that could delay the project another year while the finances are restructured. in reston peggy fox, 9 news now. >> loudoun chairman scott york tells 9news he's delighted the mwa board has made the right decision. he want his board to vote yes. york says if metrorail stopped at dulles, there would be no rail option for loudoun commuters. the washington redskins training camp is headed south. the team announced they will prepare for the 2013 season down in richmond. surae chinn has more from the team's current training camp about the impact in ashburn. >> reporter: it's the late lunch crowd, but it's quiet at buffalo wing factory just a couple miles from redskins park. >> you definitely feel a change like in business when it's going on, a lot of later rush because a lot of times it's a morning time practice or
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afternoon practice. it helps out with our slow times during the day. >> reporter: tables are usually packed during training camp and this may be the last preseason they'll see it this way. you definitely know when it's training camp season and you can see it in your restaurant? >> yes. 100%. you see all the fans with the jerseys on. >> we would much rather them stay here, obviously. we appreciate the ancillary business. >> reporter: the fans want their team to stay local, too. >> it would be silly to me. their fan base is located more closely in this area. they should do whatever they can to stay in this area and keep their fans engaged and charged up. these are the people that go to their games and buy a lot more paraphernalia i'm sure than the people in richmond, do. >> reporter: in a few weeks we will be seeing this parking lot filled with people and cars lining up to see their favorite team, but die hard fans next we're will have to drive a couple hours to richmond to see
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them practice. >> i'll probably stay here and wait for them to play and go watch them then. >> reporter: the three-week training camp pumps in nearly a million dollars into loudoun county's local economy, something this restaurant and many other businesses will miss. >> we'll miss them, but we'll still root for them and hope to see their fans on sundays '. >> reporter: at redskins park in ashburn sue chain, 9 news now. >> old timers will -- surae chinn, 9 news now. >> old timers will remember driving up to carlyle, pennsylvania, to training camp. the city of richmond is considering a number of locations for the numerous camp. we'll let you know when they let us know. gamblers are getting ready to place i their bents in maryland. maryland live! -- place their bets in maryland. maryland live! opens for business tonight. our matt jablow is live outside anne arundel mills mall.
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>> reporter: two minus four hours 53 minutes and counting until the opening of one of the country's largest casinos. after many years of debate, controversy, voting, planning and finally building maryland live! casino will open at 10:00 tonight, thousands of slot machines and electronic table games on a 160,000 square foot casino floor. the president says the $500 million project is good not only for those who like to gamble, but for almost all maryland residents. >> 400 million a year what is we anticipate paying in taxes which will make us the largest taxpayer in the state of maryland and by far, the largest single source of the revenue for the state's school system. it's got about $30 million a year to go to the local community as far as additional support for the infrastructure needs of the local community and about $65 million a year we'll be spending on just the goods and services we need to do to run this facility each year. >> reporter: norton says the
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casino will also employ about 1,500 people including this very tall woman. thousands of gamblers, perhaps a little more than 10,000, are expected tonight. once again the place opens at 10:00. we'll tell you all about the grand opening tonight live at 11:00. >> it's really not her height, is it? >> that's what you noticed is the height? that's what got you? >> thank you for making this a hard transition. he was one of the world's most important science fiction writers. we know ray bradbury is gone now. at 7:00 we'll tell you he actually hated some of the topics he wrote about, yeah. still ahead on 9 news now, remembering d day, we'll tell you about an effort that brings world war ii vets to washington for a fitting tribute. >> we're looking at a very nice
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evening, a couple showers south of town. we'll take you out with the almanac, 75 and 58 except the 1st of the month, five executive days below average. that's a good thing. we'll come back. we've got code yellow alert tomorrow. we'll tell you why. >> plus we're talking baby boomers hitting the gyms, running marathons and they're getting hurt. we'll have more on what's being called boomerritis just ahead.
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anita brikman with this health alert. labor is taking longer. modern american women spend on average two to three hours longer giving birth compared to the '60s. the government study says moms today tend to be orlando and their newborns bigger -- older and their newborns bigger, but they also tend to get epidurals for pain relief which can slow down labor 40 to 50 minutes.
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there are now more than 78 million baby boomers and they're morkinned about their fitness than ever before it -- more concerned about their fitness than ever before it seems. all this customer size comes with a price. the centers for disease control says almost 2.5 million baby boomers go to the emergency rooms after overexercising of year and they even have a word for it these days, boomerritis. >> just take this morning.
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i'll bet you out of 20 people we saw there were at least five in that baby boomer category that had problems that needed them solved because they wanted to keep exercising. >> that's where all those joint replacements come in. despite the danger of injuries, keeping fit is important. the cdc reported last month's falls have become the leading cause of death and injury for men and women and staying active can help you keep your balance. still ahead two couples and a love story more than seven decades in the making, their secret to success when we return.
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two rockville couples celebrated their 70th wedding anniversaries today by renewing their vows. the couples bob and lauren bachmann and keith and lori cunningham were married on june
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6th, 1942 and we had to ask what's the secret to a long successful marriage? >> there's a lot of give and a lot of take and there's more give than take. >> all right. by the way, both couples say they met on blind dates. well, they fought bravely. >> that's right. these individuals fought bravely and many were just teenagers and now on the 60th anniversary of d day hundreds of world war ii veterans came to wash to visit the memorials in -- washington to visit the memorials in honor of them. anny hong shares their stories and the lessons they want to pass along. >> reporter: they received a hero's welcome. >> welcome to your memorial! >> reporter: world war ii veterans from michigan, kentucky and missouri visited the world war ii memorial. >> this is the world war ii memorial. >> reporter: it was the first time for many and emotional for quite a few. >> i wouldn't have missed this
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for anything, but now that i'm here, boy, am i glad i got here. >> it brings back some good memories and some bad memories. >> reporter: what are the bad memories? >> people who get slaughtered. >> reporter: for those in europe during the war it was 68 years ago today when 160,000 men stormed the beaches of normandy, france. >> my dad was in the hospital that day and i didn't make the beach. >> reporter: forrest easley who served in the army as a private first class remembers thinking about his friends on d day. >> a lot of my guys were lost there. it makes me wonder why i'm here and they're there. >> reporter: studies show that we're losing 900 to 1,000 veterans a day. world war ii veterans are becoming even more rare, but their sacrifice not forgotten as they ask fellow americans to carry on their legacy. >> it's your turn now.
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we did ours. it's up to you to protect that flag. >> reporter: these veterans are here through the honor flight network, a national program that secures donations and sponsors to help fully pay for their trip here to d.c. many of these world war ii veterans are in their 80s and 90s. it is most likely their last and only chance to see how the nation's capital is paying tribute to them. in southwest d.c., anny hong, 9 news now. >> powerful testimonials. ford motor company sponsored two flights for 75 world war ii vets from michigan and kentucky. >> what great day for them to be here to see their memorial. >> if you haven't seen it in person, go down. it is spectacular. all right. it's a pretty nice evening with a couple exceptions. legal look live outside on our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we'll track these couple showers live in just a second. after a high of 75 we're down to 70, dew point 52, winds out
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of the south, southeast at 8 and pressure rising 29.97 inches of mercury. live doppler 9000, two areas of prime concern, a couple light showers front royal down to the south towards 64, but we'll zoom in on a couple of these areas. some of them are producing some pretty good rain. this one west of alexandria down mount vernon parkway and this one over toward waldorf. you see the red, that's rainfall rates of about an inch an hour with these storms. this is west braddock road, seminary road, 395. it's drifting to south and west. you folks heading west out of the downtown area will have pretty heavy rains in the next half hour. we'll kind of scoot down to the south and this has weakened a bit, still some moderate rains, but it has weakened in the past 15 minutes. the other storm that is now into portions of charles county, this has weakened, too a little, still heavy rain east of waldorf.
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then we're looking at lighter activity down toward 5. kind of low going because these storms are actually moving south and east. we'll widen back out, put this back into motion. this is over the next hour in terms of time frame. this just kind of weakens and moves south, southeast. this moves pretty much due south. it's going to be wet for a while in between mount vernon and the airport. temperatures? 59 arlington. i don't think that's exactly right. i know it's rain cooled. 70 in bethesda and downtown, 70 in college park. the next three days, we'll keep in a chance of shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow is code yellow because of midafternoon storms, near 80, near 80 friday, 86 saturday. next seven days, we get almost hot, near 90 sunday, isolated storm, back in the low 80s 1 and back to the mid-and upper 80s -- 80s on monday and back
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to the mid-and upper 80s. should be okay for the nats game. we'll have more on that and the skins after this. stay tuned.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> from maryland to d.c. to virginia everybody wanted the redskins to call them home, but in the end the skins chose to stay in virginia. they'll keep their headquarters at redskins park where it is now in ashburn, but fans will
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have a much longer drive to see their favorite players up close. starting next summer the redskins will hold their training camp in richmond and according to bob mcdonnell, virginia governor, the team's commitment to the city is for eight years. they haven't picked a spot yet, but the move gives the team about 30 my ondollars to use towards expanding -- $30 million to use towards expanding their current facility. >> as a 45 year washington redskins fan i'm delighted to be able to announce the redskins have decided to make their permanent home in virginia. >> this will be the 10th season the skins have held training camp in ashburn. thief been back and forth a few times spending four years at frostburg college in maryland, but starting at 1963 they practiced at dickinson college in carlyle, p.a. for 30 years. they will move next season. the rookie of the nats never ceases to entertain,
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whether it's stealing home, hitting himself in the head with a bat or knocking in the game running run, bryce harper is a headline making machine and did he it again last night. the nationals and mets batted all night long. ian desmond drove in three game tying r.b.i.s throughout the night, but bryce harper's walkoff single in the bottom of the 9th sealed the, do the first walkoff of his career and what other way to celebrate than with a gatorade bath. >> that was incredible. it was a great team effort tonight. that's why i came in, hard, it was awesome. i loved it. >> this was just a battle of wills. >> nice job getting out of the way on that one, christina. the nats go tonight for two many a row.
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. mike -- two in a pro. nybble will not return the rest of the season. the -- knuble will not return the rest of the season. he will become a free agent on july 1st. an easy day in the french open, rafael nadal wins three straight sets and advances to the semis and will face david federer. french open getting exciting, might see a federer djokovic rematch coming up soon. >> we'll have to see, sounds good. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back at 7:00 with the area's only local newscast and don't forget to join us tomorrow morning bright and early 4:25 a.m. >> and as always is always on. have a great night.
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